Manifestation Code Review

In recent times, many products offering ways to achieve manifestation of things you desire in life has been emerging online. They usually claim to have some type of secret method that will help users manifest the things that they desire. One of these products that you may have heard about is called Manifestation Code. It is being promoted as a spiritual guide that you can instantly manifest success, happiness and wealth faster than you think possible.

This review takes a look at the product and analyzes it to share with you our thoughts and findings. We tell you the good and bad to allow you to make an informed decision on this product. You will also get details on how the Manifestation Code works.

What is the Manifestation Code?

The Manifestation Code is a spirituality guide that focuses on helping you quickly manifest the life of your dreams. It contains audio tracks that guide users to instantly materialize your desires. It will equip you to gain abundance in everything that you desire; abundance in wealth, prosperity and success. The guide was designed for anyone looking to improve their life for the better such as to live comfortably without financial worries.

The program is a digital product like many of the other manifestation guides online. But, you don’t just get an eBook manual to read as you get with most of the other programs. Instead, this system comes with a variety of audio tracks that you will download from the members’ area that you get instant access to when you order. When you reach the members’ area, you will be able to download the audio tracks created with cutting-edge technology. The system was developed by Jake Mayers who used the same tracks to change his life.

Manifestation Code Review

In order for the program to work, you have to listen to these audio tracks everyday and you will be able to unlock your mind prison. The reason why you are unable to receive the gifts from the Universe as you wish is that your brain is locked inside a “mind prison”. When you are locked in this “mind prison”, you won’t be able to tap into the power of the universe.

The program focuses on opening your mind so that the universe would finally start listening to you and giving you everything that you desire. The idea is that everything in the Universe, be it good or bad, has different levels of vibrations.

Unfortunately, most people are in their mental prisons that keep them in a low vibration state. And this basically means that you will only attract things with low vibrations. The reality is that things you desire have high-level vibrations, and bad things that we try to avoid in life, have low levels of vibrations. And the only way to unlock the mind prison and start experiencing a high level of vibration is when your mind is in an altered state.

The course underlines concentrating on unlocking the mind prison and starts experiencing a high level of vibration which is when your mind is in an altered state called The Cosmic Zero State. It’s only when you are in the Cosmic Zero state, you would become in harmony with the Universe. And in that state, you can increase your positive energy, effectively raising your vibration to a higher level.

Who Is Jake Mayers?

Jake Mayers is the man behind the Manifestation Code system. It was always a challenge for him to find success and prosperity in his life. Jake confesses that for a large part of his life, he never believed in the law of attraction, manifestation or all those spiritual ‘hogwash.’

Before discovering the system he realizes that his life had many fails. He had problems in his relationship and finances which were very depressing. He lost his job and struggled to find another one despite sending out many applications.

Meditating Man

In another incident, Jake caught his wife cheating on him with his own friend. He was obviously devastated, but instead of giving up he made it a point to learn more about the mind prison keeping him from attracting good things in his life, which is a concept that was introduced to him by an old man. This is the same man who also gave Jake the audiotapes.

Jake went out of his comfort zone contacting hundreds of spiritualists and psychics through different mediums to understand more about the concept of mind prison and the secret behind the Magical tracks in the disk. After several months of research, he created the Manifestation Code. The system aims to unlock your “mind prison” and completely transform your financial future in the simplest and easiest way possible.

What Will You get inside Manifestation Code?

The Manifestation Code is an audio program consisting of different audio tracks. These audio tracks will allow you to raise your vibration state rapidly. It also comes with audio tracks that harness the divine magic from the universe to finally manifest the life you deserve. All you have to do is follow the 3 step process that will instantly materialize your desires.

The system is for anyone who wants to bring abundance into their life today. Even if you are in the close-minded stage, even if you don’t believe in spiritual manifestation, using this program will be a really great help to you. The members’ area is very easy to navigate and contains the audio tracks you need to get started instantly. The entire system is very easy to use and understand.

How The System Works

The program works by bringing your mind to an altered state that would allow you to be in a high level of vibration. Jake Mayers found out that there are different levels of vibration on earth. Things that we desire like having lots of money or getting a great job have vibrations. However, bad things we don’t want like losing money or getting sick also have vibrations.

The problem is, most of us are stuck in a mental state that keeps us in a low vibration level. And this results in you attracting things with low vibrations. This is the reason why visualizations, prays and affirmations don’t allow you to create the results you want. It’s also the same reason why you keep having bad luck with money and relationships.

Universe Manifestation

When your mind is in a certain altered state known as the Cosmic Zero State you unlock the mind prison and start experiencing a high level of vibration. It’s only when you are in the Cosmic Zero state, you allow yourself to be in harmony with the Universe. And it turns out that the audio tracks that you get with the system are the “neural oscillations” that act like passcodes to unlocking the gateway to the Cosmic Zero state.

Things to know about the Cosmic Zero state:

  1. Increases your positive energy and raises your vibration to a higher level.
  2. It allows you to attract the things you want such as money, success, and abundance into your life.
  3. It allows you to calm your soul, improve your health, cure your anxiety and so much more!
  4. We all have the ability to transit to the Cosmic Zero State by ourselves.
  5. Mastering deep levels of meditation, which can take over thousands of hours, is the known way of achieving this state. This is what monks do, but ordinary people wouldn’t have the time & ability to practice such deep levels of mediation.
  6. A simpler way is to leverage modern audio technology to replicate these “neural oscillations” By doing so, anyone will have the ability to shift into the Cosmic Zero state…

The Manifestation Code Pros And Cons


  • You can instantly access the Manifestation Code audio tracks in the members’ area as soon as you order.
  • This system was developed from months of research and testing.
  • The program comes with different audio tracks to make using the program easy.
  • Unlike other programs, it focuses on the Cosmic Zero State and uses simple audio to achieve it.
  • Easy to access the materials and easy to understand the program content.
  • Available in both PDF and audio formats.
  • It can be used by anyone regardless of age, financial status, past experiences, or stage in spiritual belief
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a refund in the span of two months.


  • This a digital program only. It has no physical copy that could be shipped to you in the mail.
  • The audio tracks are only available online and you have to download them. So you need to have a strong internet connection.
  • There is no guarantee that the program will work for you. There are different factors that will determine how the system works for different people.


On final thoughts, the Manifestation Code is a promising program that people can use to help find prosperity and success. It is based on the life experiences of the author. It gives you the content in mind-altering audio tracks that allow you to raise your vibration level.

The Manifestation Code is a useful guide that can change the way your mind works and allows you to gain success. It changes your vibration state and awakens your Cosmic Zero. This system is designed to help you create, live, and enjoy the life you want.

Finally, the program offers great value for money. You can have all the audio tracks for less than ten bucks. And it still comes with a money-back guarantee. Considering all the benefits you can gain by implementing the system, I recommend trying this product to see if it works for you.

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